About Us

Eval Geniuses was established December 2015, however the idea of Eval Geniuses has been coming along for years. Since then we have taken on a wide variety of projects, from Standard Custom CMS builds, to Hybrid mobile Apps, and doing System Administration and restoration of some legacy Systems. We are passionate and driven by our work, and take pride in the software we write.

What we do:

We maintain and build custom software systems
Our Typical tech stack:


We believe in modularity and testing, and the Angular framework allows us to do just that, and to do it elegantly. All our software up to date with the latest AngularJS revisions


MongoDB is perfect for representing objects as they're used programmatically, and scales easily and elegantly. Since most of the applications that are requested don't require transactions and usually have high insert rates, MongoDB is a sound investment to us.


The reasons for using nodeJS, is for allowing us to define asynchronous functionality, which is perfect in our minds for building API's. Also it is event based, keeping code clean and to the point, whilst using minimal resources.


We use linux for our development OS and Environment, also we deploy all our systems to linux based servers.

Want to get in touch!

If you have any additional enquiries, or would like to use us to outsource or build your ideas, drop us a mail or give us a call, and we'll get back to you asap!

+27 845 210 629